Jul 9, 2019

Introducing the STORM-WORK concept for suspended working

Reflex Marine are proud to announce our latest innovative design to improve safety and efficiency for workers; STORM-WORK, a work basket intended for working at height while suspended over water.

RM_STORMwork_WIP_0025_filtered-b RevB

STORM-WORK has been developed in collaboration with Seaway Heavy Lifting (now Seaway 7, a company in Subsea 7's Renewables and Heavy Lifting business unit) to address issues they faced with existing traditional steel work baskets. These issues included the potential trapping and crushing hazards faced by workers, as well as the potential for damage to other assets.

Storm deck crew

During the design phase, Reflex Marine also worked with ConocoPhillips Australia to develop a customised version of STORM-WORK to hold a larger number of workers.

STORM-WORK has been designed with the client in mind and the unique safety benefits of our innovative product include:

  • Safe working zone to protect against crushing and trapping injuries
  • Anti-snagging features to reduce the risk of incidents including falling, crushing and damage to the basket and other assets
  • Immersion: the unit floats and self-rights whilst creating a safe space for personnel to await rescue
  • Soft touch to protect the installation from damage during routine operations

For more information on the progress of STORM-WORK, please contact us on +44 (0) 1872 321155 or email info@reflexmarine.com