Oct 28, 2020

Investing in equipment: choose long lifespan

Whether you’re buying a car, a computer or a yacht, you want to make sure that it is made of high-quality materials, that it will serve its purpose whenever you may need it and that it will last for a long time, so that you don’t have to worry about replacing it with a new one next year.

High-quality manufacturing is valued both in domestic applications and in business circumstances. Investing money in equipment comes with a natural calculation of value in time and cost-efficiency analysis. In the modern times, sustainability is also of great concern and we try to reduce wasteful purchases both at home and at work.

Why think different when buying personnel transfer equipment?

People working offshore have quite a unique way of commuting to work: they may need to board a helicopter or a ship, travel for hours and then board an offshore installation in often very challenging weather conditions. Just like we’d choose a safe and reliable car for the daily commute to the office, one should also choose a safe and reliable method of transfer for crews working offshore.

Investing in high-quality equipment such as Reflex Marine’s personnel transfer carriers (as opposed to cheap rope baskets) comes at an increased price to start with but pays off over time. Reflex Marine’s carriers are built to last with a recommended lifespan of up to 12 years (depending on usage and subject to extension). They are made with durable materials, chosen to withstand the harsh offshore environment. They are built in a way that makes inspection and servicing simple and intuitive to ensure that maintenance is carried out efficiently and safely. They provide a reliable means of transport even in difficult weather conditions with operational capacity often exceeding the lifting crane’s rating. Most importantly of all, Reflex Marine’s personnel transfer carriers offer the safest method of crew transfer with a proven track record.

FROG-XT DrillmaxFROG-XT4 personnel transfer carrier on board Stena Drilling vessel.

Reflex Marine’s equipment has gained a reputation for the highest-quality personnel transfer option on the market. We go a step further and provide all our products with warranty and ensure our customers have access to readily-available parts.

It sometimes isn’t easy to explain and justify a higher cost of a product whether it’s used daily or kept just as a contingency. However, the cue is in the word ‘investment’. Higher expense can be justified by pointing out to the costs saved over time (of people not having to rework the same procedure every year buying yet another new product; others filling out endless safety documents justifying use of equipment not meeting the highest standards; last minute changes replacing a failed, cheap, low-quality part) and the increased reliability of the project.

It is easier to justify purchasing long-term assets and products which will benefit the company for several years. Make sure when choosing your next purchase to opt for high-quality products with durable components and long lifespan and enjoy the security and peace of mind for many years.