Oct 12, 2020

The new FROG-XT2

The FROG-XT2 personnel transfer carrier is customised for small landing areas & highest-performance.

FROG-XT2 is the latest addition to our range of high-performance personnel transfer carriers.  

Reflex Marine engage with industry leaders to understand the specific needs and painpoints that operators can identify. In the development process of the FROG-XT2 we worked in collaboration with an industry partner Ørsted - a Danish multinational power company and a global leader in the offshore wind industry; and Seasight Davits - an experienced platform crane supplier. 

The FROG-XT2 was designed in response to the needs of operators accessing challenging locations and requiring to work in harsh weather conditions such as high winds in open seas. 

The FROG-XT2 has the smallest footprint of any rigid personnel transfer baskets: a square-shaped footprint 1.6m by 1.6m (almost 15% smaller then next in line WAVE-4). It is therefore ideal for accessing smaller landing spaces such as a wind turbine transition piece or the deck of a merchant shipping vessel. 

Belonging to the FROG-XT range of carriers, FROG-XT2 has a high operating window and is safe to use in wind speeds of up to 40 knots and with sea states of up to 4.2 significant wave height (that's twice the safe operating limit of WAVE-4 in terms of significant wave height).

It has capacity for 2 passengers, making it an ideal cost-effective solution for low-volume transfers

Learn more about FROG-XT2 features here


If you’re interested to find out more or inquire about the price you can get in touch with us immediately at info@reflexmarine.com