Dec 8, 2020

Do you stock the correct replacement parts?

Our Engineering Manager advises on stocking replacement parts and safe storage of the wire rope lifting assembly.

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    Personnel transfer is a safety-critical part of your operations. Holding a stock of recommended replacement parts will help ensure your crew transfer carrier is maintained according to Inspection & Maintenance guidelines and ready for use whenever you need it.

    – Paul Onions, Engineering Manager



It is advisable to hold an inventory of frequently replaced parts for your personnel transfer carrier. This will help to ensure the continued safe operation of the carrier. Minimum stock quantities will be influenced by:

  • Remoteness of location and local certification requirements
  • Downtime implications
  • Criticality of maintaining crew and emergency response access (MedEvac)
  • Unit usage frequency
  • Customs processing time
  • Delivery cost and time
  • We can advise you on stock items and quantities required for your operation. Speak to our team to find out more (contact details below).


It is recommended that only genuine OEM parts (including lifting assemblies) are used; in doing so you ensure the integrity of your unit.

Did you know that Reflex Marine created a number of Replacement Parts Kits for routine and non-routine maintenance?

Ordering an appropriate kit is more economical than replacing individual parts.


The wire rope lifting assembly is the most safety critical and vulnerable component of the assembly. Proper care and maintenance of it are crucial.

  • The wire rope lifting assembly should be stored without high-visibility cover in a secure, dry space.
  • You should conduct a visual inspection of the wire rope lifting assembly when every 6 months when in storage.
  • ! The wire rope lifting assembly has a shelf life of 1 year.
The lifting assembly should be inspected by a competent person prior to being put into use. The competent person should also update all relevant Certificates and the Certificate of Thorough Examination.

Remember: All replacement parts should be stored in dry, clean environments and be suitably labelled and tagged with information including a placed-in-storage date.
Before entering service, your personnel transfer carrier should be inspected by a competent person to ensure it is fit for use.

lifting assembly (2)

Wire rope lifting assembly with high-visibility cover on. 




Personnel transfer equipment is an integral part of your operational program and as such should always be included in the installation’s planned maintenance programme and regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with OEM recommendations.

Reflex Marine are here to help with further support, recommendations on I&M procedures, information on accessories and replacement parts.

If you have any questions, get in touch by emailing: or calling (+44) 1872 32 11 55.