Jan 19, 2021

Do you know how frequently to inspect & service your carrier?

Our Engineering Manager provides you with vital information on essential inspection and maintenance requirements of your personnel transfer carrier.

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    The Recommended Inspection & Maintenance intervals are listed in the User Manual of every Reflex Marine carrier. It is of crucial importance for the safety of your crew that these recommendations are always adhered to.

    – Paul Onions, Engineering Manager




The recommended frequency and type of inspection, test and maintenance are shown in the Inspection & Maintenance (I&M) Schedule Table in each User Manual which looks like this:

FROG-XT range inspection & maintenance schedule

Visual Inspection is a thorough examination of the assembly with emphasis on critical components and is conducted without dismantling the assembly.

Full Examination is a thorough examination of the assembly which may include removal of parts to assist visual assessments and may be supplemented by other means such as measurement and non-destructive testing.

Checklists for Visual Inspection and Full Examination and step by step guidance are available in the User Manuals to help you through the process.

! Personnel transfer equipment is an integral part of your operational program and as such should always be included in the installation’s planned maintenance programme and regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with OEM recommendations.

Reflex Marine are here to help with further support, recommendations on I&M procedures, information on accessories and replacement parts.



  1. The frequency of inspection, test and maintenance depends on the number of transfer lifts (each loaded transfer to or from counts as one transfer) performed with the carrier per year. If any doubt exists regarding the usage, then the maintenance strategy should revert to a more conservative higher usage category. This should also be considered if there is any concern over heavy impacts or overloads.
  2. The recommendations in the I&M Schedule apply to Reflex Marine products and do not replace or alter the inspection intervals as prescribed by the relevant legislation in your country. Check your applicable legislation to make sure you adhere.
  3. The check, inspection, examination and test routine as detailed in this document should always be carried out on schedule (please allow sufficient time for parts to arrive in time for your scheduled maintenance).
  4. Where the carrier has experienced heavy vertical or lateral impacts, or sustained substantial damage, a detailed examination should be carried out to ensure integrity before conducting any further lifts. Details of all damage should be recorded in a damage report. Details of the cause of the damage should also be recorded, if known. If damage to the frame has occurred, welds should be examined for cracks using dye penetrant (speak to our team for further support with this).



Would you like to carry out Inspection & Maintenance
of your carriers in-house?

Reflex Marine offer a range of training courses to help you maintain your units and/or improve the safety and efficiency of your crew transfer operations.

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