Feb 3, 2021

Do you know what's included in your product's critical parts kit and when to use it?

Our Engineering Manager provides you with useful information about your carrier's critical parts kit – for when your unit is due for critical parts replacement.

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    The Critical Parts Kit (CPK) was put together to ensure our customers can quickly and efficiently order the required parts and complete a critical parts replacement on their unit, ensuring continued and safe operations.

    – Paul Onions, Engineering Manager


Critical Parts are identified as a set of load bearing parts.

A FROG-XT Range Critical Parts Kit includes a new wire rope lifting assembly with backup leg, load plate bolts and associated fixings. Similar kits are also offered for the WAVE-4 and STORM-WORK product ranges.

The Critical Parts Kit is used during the critical parts replacement. The recommended frequency and type of inspection, test and maintenance are shown in the Inspection & Maintenance (I&M) Schedule Table in each User Manual.

! The critical parts replacement service should take place as minimum every 3 years for FROG-XT units and 4 years for WAVE-4 units.


FROG-XT range of carriers: The recently updated guidance on the FROG-XT range stipulates that the unit only needs to be load tested every 5 years as the critical parts are being load test prior to leaving our factory to help make servicing in the field easier.

All other products or critical part kits purchased prior to 2020: on critical parts replacement, a load test must be conducted.

! Every load test should be done by an independent test house company, nationally recognised and in accordance with ILO 152.


Would you like to carry out Inspection & Maintenance
of your carriers in-house?

Reflex Marine offer a range of training courses to help you maintain your units and/or improve the safety and efficiency of your crew transfer operations.

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Personnel transfer equipment is an integral part of your operations and as such should always be included in the installation’s planned maintenance programme and regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with OEM recommendations.

Reflex Marine are here to help with further support, recommendations on I&M procedures, information on accessories and replacement parts. If you have any questions, get in touch by emailing: operations@reflexmarine.com or calling (+44) 1872 32 11 55.