Feb 16, 2021

Wear & tear considerations for offshore equipment

Regularly checking for signs of wear & tear can help you ensure safetyprevent damage and save time long-term. Paul Onions, our Engineering Manager, talks about the importance of managing wear & tear of offshore equipment.

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    Your FROG or WAVE carrier is designed, manufactured and certified to resist typical hard-working conditions in the marine environment. Wear and tear, however, inevitably occurs with day-to-day transfer operations, storage and aging.

    – Paul Onions, Engineering Manager


It is vital to regularly check for signs of wear & tear on your equipment. This will help save time, maintain performance, and improve safety by preventing damage to your personnel transfer carrier.

! If you are unsure, or if there is evidence of significant wear or damage, do not use the equipment before further inspection.

Ensure your personnel carrier is inspected regularly, whether it is in or out of operation.
A competent person should:

  • Look out for signs of wear, cracks, deformation or other damage.
  • Check that all bolts, clevis’ and other fasteners are fully secure.
  • Examine the feet to ensure that they are in good condition
  • Look out for any signs of damage or impact to the frame or structure of your carrier.
  • Check for signs of general aging or corrosion.


! Remember: The lifting assembly is the most safety-critical part of the equipment and also the part most likely to sustain damage in day-to-day use. Ensure it is inspected prior to every use and replaced regularly according to the Inspection & Maintenance Schedule as outlined in your User Manual.



The location and environment of your equipment can have an impact on the wear and tear of your carrier. Reflex Marine recommends you have a location plan showing the hazards which may be significant to your carrier such as harsh weather, salt corrosion, tropical conditions.

Being aware of the local environmental information can help ensure you protect your equipment from damage before it happens. Reflex Marine can provide you with accessories such as weather-resistant cover to help protect against the degradation due to elements or the environment.



Would you like to carry out Inspection & Maintenance
of your carriers in-house?

Reflex Marine offer a range of training courses to help you maintain your units and/or improve the safety and efficiency of your crew transfer operations.

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Personnel transfer equipment is an integral part of your operations and as such should always be included in the installation’s planned maintenance programme and regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with OEM recommendations.

Reflex Marine are here to help with further support, recommendations on I&M procedures, information on accessories and replacement parts. If you have any questions, get in touch by emailing: operations@reflexmarine.com or calling (+44) 1872 32 11 55.