Jul 29, 2021

Press release: MODEC's MV34 offshore Mexico to use FROG-6 for marine crew transfer

  • Press release: Reflex Marine Inc based in Houston, Texas is proud to announce the new stage in their collaboration with Japanese MODEC. 

MODEC opted for Reflex Marine’s offshore crew transfer solutions back in 2001 and over the past 20 years they accrued a fleet of 35 FROG units across the globe.

The first of MODEC’s FPSOs to use a FROG was Fluminense on the Bijupirá and Salema oil fields in Campos Basin, Brazil. The Bijupirá and Salema Development was the first full field, turnkey project undertaken by MODEC. 

MODEC executed the project for Shell under one single-point responsibility. The contract included the conversion of a ULCC tanker to an FPSO which is capable of processing 81,000 barrels of oil per day and compressing 75 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. MODEC's work scope also included the supply, installation and startup of all subsea equipment, subsea manifolds, flowlines, risers and umbilicals. 

The two fields, Bijupirá and Salema, are located in water depths ranging from 480 m to 880 m, with the FPSO Fluminense installed between the two fields in 740 m water depth. 

Since then, FROG has been used on almost all MODEC projects, from Asia, West Africa, across North Sea to Brazil and Gulf of Mexico. 

Continuing the productive collaboration with Reflex Marine, MODEC’s FPSO MIAMTE MV34 offshore Mexico will be using three FROG-6 units with Mexican spec and certification.  

Mexican specification of FROG-6 are comprehensively explained in the user manual (available for download on Reflex Marine’s website). The most notable particularity being that Mexican spec FROG-6 has a lifting assembly designed to Mexican standards and tested at Mexican labs. Mexican spec lifting assembly provides a factor of safety much higher than anywhere else in the world. 

Reflex Marine has several service centres in the Gulf of Mexico area, both on the US and Mexican side, ensuring full-circle operational, OEM parts, servicing and training support for MODEC. 

FROG-6 Mid TransferFROG-6 mid-transfer in the Gulf of Mexico.