Nov 9, 2020

Press release: STORM-WORK completes 100 offshore projects

Reflex Marine’s award-winning work basket completes 100 projects

Reflex Marine’s STORM-WORK suspended work basket was successfully employed in its 100th offshore project in October 2020. The STORM-WORK was designed specifically for offshore industrial work activities and was very well received by offshore operators across industries – heavy-lift, decommissioning, oil & gas and offshore wind. ConocoPhillips in Australia is using the customized enlarged version of STORM-WORK while the standard units have been employed in multiple projects throughout Europe, among others with Seaway7.

The design safeguarding both the workers inside the basket and the assets worked on thanks to the soft touch features and contoured shape is praised by users worldwide. The small footprint and light weight allow for improved maneuvering while the highly durable, low-maintenance materials used ensure long unit lifespan: “the unit is excellent for accessing areas with obstacles and tight landing spaces” comments a STORM-WORK user from Boskalis.

Reflex Marine’s innovative work basket design has been recognized by industrial engineering body LEEA with an award in the Safety category confirming the outstanding crew protection features and safety benefits. STORM-WORK is available for purchase and hire and can be customized to meet the required size and capacity.

Press release - STORM-WORK