Dec 23, 2020

Reduce CAPEX, manage OPEX: Hire a FROG-XT for a short, medium or long-term project

The increased pressure on reducing project expenditure and maintaining high operational efficiency makes it difficult to balance the safety requirements with the limited budgets. One way of better managing OPEX and reducing CAPEX for any project (or even just the next year’s project budget) is to switch from buying equipment to renting it: Reflex Marine makes it a convenient and easy solution to your crew transfer requirements, too.

Rental packages are an excellent option for spreading the costs and ensuring continued operation. Reflex Marine offers a complete-peace-of-mind hire solution which is cost-effective and sustainable for short, medium or long-term projects.

Reflex Marine offers FROG-XT range and WAVE-4 personnel transfer carriers on rental for any duration (and the longer the rental period the cheaper day rate is available).

The rental packages can include various add-ons:

  • - Accessories (including a stretcher for medical evacuation if you’re looking for an option to tick the medical evacuation contingency box)

  • - Servicing (which in some areas of the world can be completed offshore or in your chosen location onshore)

  • - Replacement units (for continued operations even during scheduled unit servicing or maintenance)

  • - Training for your crew – both the users and crane operators (which is currently offered remotely in respect of the global travel restrictions)

All Reflex Marine’s rental packages are available worldwide thanks to the network of approved service centres and partners who can assist clients from South America to Asia.

If you’d rather have your equipment maintained in-house, Reflex Marine’s carriers have the additional benefit of being low-maintenance and easy to inspect and maintain by a competent person on board.

With 24/7 operational and commercial support, Reflex Marine offer flexible renting contracts where the rental agreement can be extended at no additional cost. Once the project is finished, the unit can be returned eliminating the need for handling and disposing of obsolete equipment.

Renting as the main crew transfer option

Whether it’s the operators policy to use Reflex Marine’s equipment for the primary method of crew transfer, or the project is in an area where FROG-XT carrier is the most suitable option – renting a highly engineered personnel transfer unit as the main crew transfer method guarantees wide operational window and efficient and reliable crew transfers even in challenging weather conditions and, most importantly of all, the highest level of safety and comfort for your crew.




Renting as the contingency option

Where very large numbers of people are transferred daily with the use of a gangway, Reflex Marine’s carriers are an excellent contingency option. With an operational capacity higher than most gangways and with the capacity to carry a stretcher, they can provide a solution for emergency and back-up transfers. Having a crew transfer carrier on board gives you the confidence that the operations can be continued even if there are technical difficulties with a gangway or the weather doesn’t allow for a safe walk-to-work system hook-up.


If you’re considering renting a Reflex Marine personnel transfer carrier, get in touch with our team to discuss your needs and the most suitable product type for your project. Our team will customise the rental offer to ensure all your project requirements are met.