Jan 6, 2021

Servicing made simple – to help you always have your unit ready

Ensuring uninterrupted operations is one of the main goals of any project: focusing on extended working hours, uninterrupted supply, maintenance perfectly planned and on schedule. All of this to minimise downtime and risks. Unfortunately, when it comes to equipment maintenance and servicing things often don’t go exactly as scheduled. That’s why Reflex Marine developed a comprehensive support scheme to help its clients worldwide ensure that their units servicing goes as smoothly as possible – for the safety and reliability of their personnel transfer carriers to be maintained at all times.

Each offshore project faces its own unique challenges and difficulties. Despite the concepts of digital twins and related technologies developing fast in the oil & gas industry, the reality remains that there are no two identical offshore operations. The differences are also visible in the servicing and maintenance plans and requirements.

Recognising those challenges, Reflex Marine has extended the range of services offered in terms of helping clients maintain their units efficiently and in a sustainable way.

From the design…

Reflex Marine’s personnel transfer carriers are developed with the user in mind. They have a modular design allowing for simple replacement of parts. The enhanced rigging protection and easier ‘eye level’ connection for slings, improve access for pre-transfer inspections.

…Through offshore or onshore servicing options…

With a strategically positioned network of approved service centres and partners around the world, Reflex Marine can support your maintenance and servicing requests wherever your operations are. OEM certified technicians ensure safety and operational readiness of your crew and cargo crane transfer equipment by providing servicing and maintenance in a timely and high quality manner. These services are available onshore and offshore (subject to certain conditions) to make the process as simple and quick as possible and to help you reduce the downtime of your project. You can contact us directly to obtain a quotation for a servicing job.



…To training to allow in-house servicing by your crew.

We appreciate that being able to maintain the unit in house can save you time and money. Reflex Marine’s training course can prepare your team for all aspects of the crew transfer operations: from risk assessment, through passenger briefing to inspection and maintenance procedures. Training sessions are currently offered remotely via an online conference. Explore this topic in more detail or request more information here.

Our recently launched Operational Support series of short and simple sets of guidance on using and maintaining your personnel transfer carriers is available on our blog, explore the topic and get more information about maintaining a unit through the Maintenance page here.


Additional customer support services

To keep your device ready when you are, we hold a stock of replacement parts. This means you’ll enjoy shorter lead times and less downtime, with the added benefit of lower packing and freight costs. For a greater peace of mind, speak to our team to arrange scheduled replacement parts deliveries in line with the recommended Inspection & Maintenance Schedule.

Offering a cutting edge solutions for offshore crew transfers, Reflex Marine’s carriers are designed for ultimate safety and engineered for reliability, durability and performance.

Support for all Reflex Marine products is available 24/7 should you need assistance with your unit.