Feb 8, 2021

Reflex Marine's webinar series Solutions-focus: STORM-WORK

In our series of monthly webinars, the solutions-focus sessions look into Reflex Marine's products and how their unique designs can benefit your operations. In this episode, we will look at safe working at height and the innovative work basket STORM-WORK.

Working at height over water has added risks compared to working on land, however similar equipment is often used. Reflex Marine applied its 25 years’ experience of ergonomic design and marine safety to improving the safety of working at height. We identified the key risks in work basket design for the offshore industry (crushing & trapping, snagging, lateral impacts and immersion) and created an innovative work basket which prevents these. 

STORM-WORK is a work basket that provides you with an ergonomic work space for safely carrying out a wide range of tasks such as inspections, painting and repair work.

Reflex Marine webinar STORM-WORK

In this webinar session, learn about the product features and operational capabilities as well as hear about case studies of users around the world. 

  • A brief presentation will be followed by Q&A to give you an opportunity to ask questions about your particular operational scenarios. 

    We want to accommodate all our clients living and working in different time zones across the world, so each webinar will have 3 sessions scheduled. All sessions will cover the same contents. Each webinar is estiamted to last 1h including Q&A.

    If you can't attend the live event, please register for any session to receive a webinar recording by email post-event.

    Register for the webinar:

    • Session 1: Tuesday, 23rd February, 14:00 UTC - register here
    • Session 2: Tuesday, 23rd February, 14:00 CST (20:00 UTC) - register here
    • Session 3: Wedensday, 24th February, 14:00 SGT (06:00 UTC) - register here