Nov 11, 2020

Reflex Marine's webinar series

Reflex Marine is delighted to introduce a series of monthly webinar. The webinars are entirely free of charge and will provide you with opportunities to learn about marine crew transfer challenges and solutions. The series will be split into two main themes: industry-focus and solutions-focus.

The industry-focus sessions will look at the specific challenges related to offshore logistics for a given market segment. We will look at all the main offshore industries from traditional oil & gas, through LNG to port operations. 

The solutions-focus sessions will look into Reflex Marine's products and how their unique designs can benefit your operations. 

Each session will be made up of a brief presentation followed by a Q&A part to give you an opportunity to ask questions about your particular operational scenarios. 

We want to accommodate all our clients living and working in different time zones across the world, so each webinar will have 3 sessions scheduled. 

Upcoming events:

  • Safety in crew transfer during gas production,  STS and Bunkering: register online.


  • Past events: