Dec 22, 2020

Reflex Marine's webinar series Industry focus: FPSOs and deepwater operations

In the next webinar in the Reflex Marine's Webinar Series we'll be talking about offshore crew transfers in deepwater operations and to and from FPSOs.

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In our series of monthly webinars, the industry-focus sessions look at the specific challenges related to offshore logistics for a given market segment.

Over 50% of FPSOs worldwide use FROGs as their preferred transfer method for routine crew transfers. The merits of marine crew transfer have also been recognised as the most suitable method for interfield transfers in deepwater projects.

In the upcoming webinar, we'll be exploring offshore crew transfers in deepwater operations and to and from FPSOs; covering the options available, the regulations present and Reflex Marine's solutions most applicable to these types of projects.

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A brief presentation will be followed by Q&A to give you an opportunity to ask questions about your particular operational scenarios. 

We want to accommodate all our clients living and working in different time zones across the world, so each webinar will have 3 sessions scheduled. All sessions will cover the same contents. Each webinar is estiamted to last 1h including Q&A.

If you can't attend the live event, please register for any session to receive a webinar recording by email post-event.

Register for the webinar:

  • Session 1: Tuesday, 12th January, 14:00 SGT (06:00 UTC) - register here
  • Session 2: Tuesday, 12th January, 14:00 UTC - register here
  • Session 3: Wednesday, 13th January, 14:00 CST (20:00 UTC) - register here