Sep 8, 2020

New product from Reflex Marine

New compact personnel transfer carrier
developed by Reflex Marine: 
coming soon to a location near you.

The world is evolving. So are we.

As an innovative company, Reflex Marine continuously looks for gaps in the market of personnel transfer. With our knowledge and experience, we can fill these gaps with exceptional products, directly responding to customers’ requirements.

The energy industry is changing and growing with new challenges and requirements. The new offshore infrastructure requires modern man-access solutions. 

Based on our highest-performance personnel transfer carrier, we developed a new model customised for small landing areas.


Reflex Marine has over 20 years’ reputation as a global market leader for personnel transfer solutions. Our products are used in all offshore industries from traditional oil and gas, through renewable energy to civil construction services and are an industry benchmark for safe and reliable transfer of personnel offshore.

The latest addition to our range of personnel transfer carriers is a compact solution engineered to provide safe, flexible and cost-effective crew transfer when accessing challenging locations and smaller landing areas.


The new model of carrier is now in its final phase of testing and obtaining the complete set of certifications. We will keep updating you on the progress, however, if you’re interested to find out more or inquire about the price you can get in touch with us immediately at