Read A new model to support you

A new model to support you

In the current disrupted environment many operators are developing contingency plans to help ensure operational continuity and to prepare for a range of medical and emergency scenarios.  We are proud to have supported operators through a number of similar challenging periods in the past, including major disruptions to helicopter services and in wide range emergency scenarios.

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Read We are here to support you

We are here to support you

Amid COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic our team continues to support all our clients, worldwide, and their offshore operations. We remain committed to providing safe, reliable and efficient offshore crew transfer solutions.

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Contingency Planning for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

We are currently seeing an increased level of enquiries for transfer solutions from operators as part of their contingency planning for the COVID-19 virus pandemic. We have seen similar spikes in the past due to disruptive events, such as the Icelandic volcanic eruption and the grounding of helicopters following the 2016 incident offshore Norway.

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Read Season's Greetings from Reflex Marine

Season's Greetings from Reflex Marine

During the festive season, we stop to consider how Reflex Marine has changed over the years, from a small UK-supplier to a global company working closely with worldwide customers, partners and suppliers.

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Read Never Stop Improving: Turning Ideas into Products

Never Stop Improving: Turning Ideas into Products

Reflex Marine Design and Project Engineer, Daniel Martinez, offers his perspective on the challenges posed by innovation within a global company. For Reflex Marine it’s been another year of brave new projects and changing perspectives in the offshore industries. From your perspective as Project Engineer, why is innovation an important part of the business?

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