Product supply update for Russian Federation

Following recent developments in Ukraine please be aware of the following product supply updates:

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Read A new model to support you

A new model to support you

In the current disrupted environment many operators are developing contingency plans to help ensure operational continuity and to prepare for a range of medical and emergency scenarios. We are proud to have supported operators through a number of similar challenging periods in the past, including major disruptions to helicopter services and in wide range emergency scenarios.

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Read We are here to support you

We are here to support you

Amid COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic our team continues to support all our clients, worldwide, and their offshore operations. We remain committed to providing safe, reliable and efficient offshore crew transfer solutions.

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Contingency Planning for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

We are currently seeing an increased level of enquiries for transfer solutions from operators as part of their contingency planning for the COVID-19 virus pandemic. We have seen similar spikes in the past due to disruptive events, such as the Icelandic volcanic eruption and the grounding of helicopters following the 2016 incident offshore Norway.

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Read Reflex Marine Developing Cargo Concept

Reflex Marine Developing Cargo Concept

At the beginning of this year Reflex Marine was awarded with a grant of £72,134.34 from the Marine-i Challenge Fund, part of the ERDF's European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 which partly has helped to fund the development of a new cargo concept conceived for the offshore wind industry: the Storm-Pro. Storm-Pro is an innovative cargo container designed to address the main challenges of handling cargo in open water, particularly in the offshore wind energy industry. Storm-Pro is a very lightweight container that uses modern high strength composite materials and elastomeric elements that can safely disperse impact energy without damage to adjacent assets. It also offers a high-ratio payload that improves vessel transit speeds and fuel/power efficiency. The Marine-i grant was used to partially fund the design and construction of a working prototype for vital field testing.

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Read Response to FROG-6 Testing with the DPC in Brazil

Response to FROG-6 Testing with the DPC in Brazil

Following the recent Frog-6 testing performed in July 2019 according to DPC requirements, we were notified that the Frog-6 transfer carrier could not be homologated as it does not comply with one clause, article 7.5.3 of NORMAM-05 Annex 4-A. We were advised that we can submit our rationale and perspective which DPC’s comission would review before reaching its final decision regarding the re-homologation of FROG-6. Reflex Marine is very supportive of DPCs efforts to introduce improved standards offshore Brazil and we believe NORMAM-05 Annex 4-A is an important step forward for the industry. We attest that even without compliance to article 7.5.3, Frog-6 is fit for purpose and safe for use. Furthermore, we have concerns that the application of Article 7.5.3 may not support objectives to safeguard passengers, and if interpreted in a very literal manner it could reduce safety of a personnel transfer basket.

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Read FROG-6 Testing with the Directorate of Ports and Coasts in Brazil

FROG-6 Testing with the Directorate of Ports and Coasts in Brazil

Reflex Marine was the first EU based company to receive accreditation from the Directorate of Ports and Coasts (DPC) for a personnel transfer carrier in Brazilian waters. Reflex Marine's FROG-6 carrier has been officially homologated by the DPC for use in offshore Brazil since 2014. This followed the Brazilian Navy witnessing the FROG-6 undergoing immersion, load, vertical and lateral impact tests, amongst other testing criteria, in December 2013. The FROG-6's design and specification were incorporated into several provisions of Annex 4-A when it was formulated. Reflex Marine were pleased to see the DPC carrying out pioneering work on personnel safety in the Americas and are proud to be supporting the work of the DPC in that respect.

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Read Designing safety, engineering positive change

Designing safety, engineering positive change

Commuting to work has been a topic of many conversations. We all discuss and explore our options: walking, cycling, driving, car sharing, or staying with the good old public transport. For people working offshore choices are limited and safety concerns are high and many.

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Read Women's Energy Council

Women's Energy Council

An interview between Reflex Marine's Chief Operating Officer, Sandra Antonovic, and the Women's Energy Council.

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Read A major step in offshore safety - Brazil

A major step in offshore safety - Brazil

The change made by the DPC to NORMAM05/DPC Annex 4-A regarding the regulations for the transfer of personnel offshore is a significant step in moving towards creating an offshore environment that is safe for all workers to get to and from work.

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