Dec 16, 2020

Norway: over 100 units in use – get a NORSOK-approved FROG-XT4 carrier

Supporting their clients operating offshore Norway, Reflex Marine is delivering a campaign to inform about the relevant legislation restrictions and support available locally to FROG users in the country.

In Norway, investment in oil & gas activities remains on a steady level and 2020 has brought 14 new discoveries offshore: 7 in the North Sea and 7 in the Norwegian Sea. Norway is also one of the countries with the strictest rules in terms of workers safety and environmental protection which limit the options in terms of crew transfer. The FROG-XT4 carrier is now one of very few devices approved for use in Norway for offshore personnel transfer by crane in accordance to the NORSOK regulations.

Reflex Marine’s original range of personnel transfer carriers called FROG was previously approved for use in Norway. There are still 70 of the original range carriers in operation offshore Norway. These units are no longer NORSOK-approved and should be replaced with the FROG-XT4 model – offering the best protection and fully compliant with NORSOK regulations.

Helicopters are still the primary method of transfers offshore Norway. However, operators in the challenging conditions of the North and Norwegian Seas appreciate the added benefits and convenience of having a personnel transfer carrier always ready on board. When helicopter transfers are not possible due to weather (be it low visibility or high wind), a FROG-XT4 carrier can be used as a contingency option to safely transfer passengers to a support boat and then to shore.

The FROG-XT4 carrier is now the safest crew transfer device on the market with an unprecedented record of 10 years without a lost time incident. It is the most reliable and sturdy carrier, made of durable and weather-resistant components. It also offers the highest level of safety, protecting passengers from side impact, heavy-landing impact or falling – all the risks imminent during transfers in rough waters and high winds. Additionally, it offers a safe method of transfer for stretcher-bound injured personnel.

FROG-XT4 offers wide operational capacity and is the most reliable transfer method – effectively helping you improve the project’s workability.

Local support is available for operators in Norway and in the UK-part of the North Sea. Reflex Marine’s manufacturing and servicing base in in Aberdeen, Scotland. Thanks to an extensive network of partners and service centres, support is also available locally e.g. in Tananger.

FROG-XT4-042 Skyros P5250993

Many operators in the region have already began transitioning from the original FROG to the improved FROG-XT4 carrier. These include ConocoPhillips and Songa Offshore. Their commitment to safety is exemplary. Their operations benefit from having a reliable crew transfer option on their projects at all times.

Even in the challenges waters of the Norwegian shelf, Reflex Marine’s carriers stand the test. With over a 100 carriers operational and transferring people daily from the North Sea to the Barents Sea, Reflex Marine’s personnel transfer carriers are the preferred option for crew transfer by crane in Norway.

If you own an original FROG carrier or the latest FROG-XT4 carrier and have any questions about your unit, replacing the FROG or servicing your carrier, please get in touch with our team.