Dec 24, 2019

Season's Greetings from Reflex Marine

During the festive season, we stop to consider how Reflex Marine has changed over the years, from a small UK-supplier to a global company working closely with worldwide customers, partners and suppliers.



Since the first concept for the FROG personnel transfer carrier was developed in 1992, Reflex Marine has made tremendous progress and introduced new lines of products, grew significantly and reached new frontiers. Our carriers are now used around the world in over 70 countries.

We understood the challenges that are inherent to fast-paced global expansion of our business early on in our journey. One of them was to note and comply with different ways of doing business around the world. During our market development we take into the account regional and national particularities and requirements. Even though we mostly work remotely, as we seek to build relationships in various markets around the world, understanding the cultures, etiquettes and nuances of language is critical to success.

Basing our decisions on valid data and information is an important piece of our market development and revenue generating puzzle. We focus on market research and analysis, not hear-say. Involving cultural considerations into our strategy allowed us to better understand and respond to clients’ requirements; to develop long-term relationships with users and partners and to trigger useful discussions and knowledge sharing with clients and stakeholders

We carry on learning and improving each day. We hope that through sharing the experiences and knowledge we’ve gained over the years, we can reach further stages of development and expand our network of like-minded experts. Yet, today, we stop to appreciate the engagement of our worldwide family of employees and partners, users and supporters: helping us on our mission of increasing safety standards in the global offshore universe. We appreciate you and all your hard work each and every day.

In this festive season, filled with joy and merriment, we would like to thank all our customers, partners and suppliers for their support and understanding over the year. Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

From all at Reflex Marine.