Aug 11, 2020

STORM-Pro mini offshore trials

Reflex Marine's cargo container STORM-Pro in the small capacity version was successfully trialled offshore last year.

STORM-Pro Mini is a lightweight container with soft-touch features. It is made of strong and durable materials with fenders and landing feet for extended protection of your assets both inside and outside the container. In a STORM-Pro Mini, your cargo is secure within the container even in case of swing or impact. As with all Reflex Marine's products, the STORM-Pro Mini users also benefit from simple Inspection & Maintenance procedures with all key components replaceable. 

Watch the full behind the scenes video from the first offshore trials here: 


The STORM-Pro container is customisable in size. Speak to our team to find out more about the capacities available. 

Reflex Marine, being an innovative company, are proud to develop products in collaboratio with industry leaders, responding to specific needs voiced by the users and operators of the equipment. 

We are currently working on several new products that will further support safe offshore operations worldwide.