Mar 13, 2020

Contingency Planning for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

We are currently seeing an increased level of enquiries for transfer solutions from operators as part of their contingency planning for the COVID-19 virus pandemic. We have seen similar spikes in the past due to disruptive events, such as the Icelandic volcanic eruption and the grounding of helicopters following the 2016 incident offshore Norway.

In all such situations we do our level best to meet all urgent needs, whilst recognising the constraints we work under (which in this case may also include business impacts from COVID-19). Should you anticipate any such needs for your business we would encourage you to make early contact with Reflex Marine, which should ensure that we have the best chance to meet any requirements arising.

In the meantime, we hope you, your colleagues and families remain fit and healthy.

Philip Strong

CEO and Technical Director