Mar 24, 2020

We are here to support you

Amid COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic our team continues to support all our clients, worldwide, and their offshore operations. We remain committed to providing safe, reliable and efficient offshore crew transfer solutions.

In anticipation of any disruptions and increased demand as companies prepare for their contingency planning, we have positioned a stock of FROG, FROG-XT and WAVE-4 carriers – 10 units in total - and replacement parts on locations shown on the map below.

Our manufacturing facility in Dyce, Scotland is working as normal and has FROG-XT and WAVE units in stock.

Global Stock map-with FROGs 1

Further to this, we have a wide range of support materials to help you both operate and maintain your carrier. 

On our website you can find User Manuals and presentations, as well as downloadable support materials and information on our training courses.

Further information to assist in operations can be found on our YouTube channel.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please do not hesitate to call or email your usual contact at Reflex Marine.

Your Reflex Marine Team.