Jun 16, 2016

Oil and Gas Council Africa Assembly

Reflex Marine is attending the Africa Assembly, hosted by the Oil and Gas Council in London, 20th -21st June.

Africa AssemblyThe event will bring together over 800 executives from around the globe. It is an influential event for corporate development, strategy, finance and investment in Africa's oil and gas industry.

In many regions across the globe Reflex Marine is helping to transform the practice of transferring personnel offshore. We are looking forward to attending the event and understanding better how we can support crew transfer operations in Africa.

Click below to see a case study of one of our clients using a FROG-XT4 for routine crew transfers in North West Africa.

FROG-XT4 in Africa

Charlie House our Business Manager for Africa will be attending the Africa Assembly and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your transfer operations and requirements with you. Contact us at info@reflexmarine.com or call +441872 321155 to schedule a meeting.


A new product from Reflex Marine

WAVE-4, the latest addition to our range of carriers, is designed for standing passengers and protects passengers against the 4 key risks of transfer by crane; falling, heavy landings, side impacts and immersion. Visit our website to find out more about our crane transfer carriers.

WAVE-4 In Action