Read South America Energy Series - Colombia

South America Energy Series - Colombia

SOUTH AMERICA ENERGY SERIES: Leading Gas Utilisation & Renewable Uptake in South America BOGOTA, COLOMBIA 20-21ST JUNE 2019 Being invited to speak at the South America Energy Series in Bogota in June this year was an extraordinary experience. Together with representatives from Höegh LNG and Golar LNG, two of the most important players in global LNG operations, I joined a panel discussion that addressed reviewing LNG infrastructure and facilities in South America. It was a great privilege to represent Reflex Marine at such an important event. Having this opportunity meant I could reach a much wider audience, passing on our knowledge about offshore crew transfers in various environments, far more effectively than any individual networking could achieve. It also meant that I had the opportunity to show that Reflex Marine is so much more than a simple niche supplier. Understanding the market and where we fit into that market, how can we use our knowledge and experience to help add value to our client’s work and operations and how we can transfer our knowledge and expertise on safe crew transfer offshore have always been written into our core missions.

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Read Safe crew and cargo operations - Egypt expansion

Safe crew and cargo operations - Egypt expansion

As we approach EGYPS 2018 Sandra Antonovic, Chief Operating Officer at Reflex Marine, reflects on EGYPS 2017 and developments in the region.

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Read FPSO World Congress 2017

FPSO World Congress 2017

This year the FPSO World Congress will be held in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands on the 26th - 27th September.

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Read Training event - Baku, Azerbaijan

Training event - Baku, Azerbaijan

Our next training event will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, on the 4th October 2017.

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Read Offshore Europe 2017, Aberdeen

Offshore Europe 2017, Aberdeen

We are attending Offshore Europe 5-8th September in Aberdeen, UK.

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Read Training event - Aberdeen, UK

Training event - Aberdeen, UK

Join us in Aberdeen this September to learn how to inspect and maintain your Reflex Marine carrier.

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Read MARINTEC South America 2017

MARINTEC South America 2017

Fernando Mathias, General Manager of SparrowsBSM, will be presenting,  "Safety and Efficiency in Crew Transfers", during the UK Marine Innovation Session at Marinctec South America 2017.

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Read Seatrade Awards 2017

Seatrade Awards 2017

Reflex Marine is proud to be recognised for their contribution to improving safety for workers in the maritime industry. The company received the 2017 Seatrade Award for Safety at Sea for the personnel transfer carrier WAVE-4.

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Read Global Petroleum Show Awards

Global Petroleum Show Awards

Reflex Marine received the Health and Safety Award at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Canada in June 2017.

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Read 2017 Africa Assembly, Paris

2017 Africa Assembly, Paris

Reflex Marine is proud to be sponsoring and attending the 2017 Africa Assembly in Paris, 13 - 14 June.

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