Apr 3, 2020

A new model to support you

In the current disrupted environment many operators are developing contingency plans to help ensure operational continuity and to prepare for a range of medical and emergency scenarios.  We are proud to have supported operators through a number of similar challenging periods in the past, including major disruptions to helicopter services and in wide range emergency scenarios.FROG-XT4 Crew Transfer

The current pandemic also creates major constraints around mobilising personnel and face to face encounters. We are therefore making adjustments to our support model to help ensure it remains relevant to your needs.  This includes increasing capacity to provide remote support to your inspection and maintenance activities (e.g. with review of service reports, I&M photos / video footage) and to deliver online training support.  As always we apply a risk based approach focused on the integrity and continuity of your operations. 

Please get in touch if you are looking for support in any of the following areas: 

  • Inspection and maintenance (remote training and support)
  • Operational best practice training
  • Operational risk assessments
  • Emergency MedEvac / evacuation planning and training


Meantime we wish you safe and healthy operations through this challenging period.