Read Introducing the STORM-WORK concept for suspended working

Introducing the STORM-WORK concept for suspended working

Reflex Marine are proud to announce our latest innovative design to improve safety and efficiency for workers; STORM-WORK, a work basket intended for working at height while suspended over water.

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Read South America Energy Series - Colombia

South America Energy Series - Colombia

SOUTH AMERICA ENERGY SERIES: Leading Gas Utilisation & Renewable Uptake in South America BOGOTA, COLOMBIA 20-21ST JUNE 2019 Being invited to speak at the South America Energy Series in Bogota in June this year was an extraordinary experience. Together with representatives from Höegh LNG and Golar LNG, two of the most important players in global LNG operations, I joined a panel discussion that addressed reviewing LNG infrastructure and facilities in South America. It was a great privilege to represent Reflex Marine at such an important event. Having this opportunity meant I could reach a much wider audience, passing on our knowledge about offshore crew transfers in various environments, far more effectively than any individual networking could achieve. It also meant that I had the opportunity to show that Reflex Marine is so much more than a simple niche supplier. Understanding the market and where we fit into that market, how can we use our knowledge and experience to help add value to our client’s work and operations and how we can transfer our knowledge and expertise on safe crew transfer offshore have always been written into our core missions.

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Rebecca Loto, nuestra Directora de Desarrollo Comercial para América del Sur y Central y las Indias Occidentales, se sentó con nosotros para hablar sobre su región:

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Read Americas - Inspiring The Future

Americas - Inspiring The Future

Rebecca Loto, our Business Development Manager for Central and South America and West Indies, sat down with us and discussed her region.

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Read Mapping Out Safety

Mapping Out Safety

This month we sat down with Charlie House, one of our business development managers. Having spent the past five years developing different geographical regions across the world, with Africa being his recent area of responsibility, Charlie spoke to us about his new role in the company.

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Read Designing safety, engineering positive change

Designing safety, engineering positive change

Commuting to work has been a topic of many conversations. We all discuss and explore our options: walking, cycling, driving, car sharing, or staying with the good old public transport. For people working offshore choices are limited and safety concerns are high and many.

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Read Women's Energy Council

Women's Energy Council

  An interview between Reflex Marine's Chief Operating Officer, Sandra Antonovic, and the Women's Energy Council.

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Read A major step in offshore safety - Brazil

A major step in offshore safety - Brazil

The change made by the DPC to NORMAM05/DPC Annex 4-A regarding the regulations for the transfer of personnel offshore is a significant step in moving towards creating an offshore environment that is safe for all workers to get to and from work.

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Read Safe crew and cargo operations - Egypt expansion

Safe crew and cargo operations - Egypt expansion

As we approach EGYPS 2018 Sandra Antonovic, Chief Operating Officer at Reflex Marine, reflects on EGYPS 2017 and developments in the region.

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Read Safety By Design

Safety By Design

How going back to basics redefined safe and efficient offshore crew transfer.

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