Aug 8, 2017

Training event - Aberdeen, UK

Join us in Aberdeen this September to learn how to inspect and maintain your Reflex Marine carrier.

Between the 12th and 14th of September we will be running an Inspection and Maintenance course in Aberdeen, UK. The course will cover FROG-3 and FROG-6, the FROG-XT range and WAVE-4.

The event will be held at EnerMech Ltd:

EnerMech House
Howes Road
AB16 7AG

If you would like more information or to register to attend please contact us.

Find out more and register

Risk awareness and risk management are key focuses on all of our courses. We offer a range of comprehensive training courses with the aim to help improve the safety and efficiency of your offshore personnel transfers.


Some of the benefits of having Reflex Marine trained personnel:

Improved safety - Being trained and carrying out regular inspection and maintenance of your transfer device dramatically increase the safety and integrity of the product. Operational training that address risk ensures that your whole transfer operation is as safe as possible.  

Reduced downtime - Having trained personnel means no down time or delays. No need to get your transfer carrier serviced remotely.

Cost-effective - By reducing downtime operations can run efficiently. Independence and the advantage of flexibility means cost saving through in house servicing companies and convenient scheduling.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.